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Preview Trip

Preview trip allows you to decide whether the potential host country will be a good fit, prior to making the decision to accept an assignment.

Preview trip, also called a Look-See-Decide trip:

  • Introduction to the real estate market and residential areas in regard to schooling options, proximity to the office, medical, sport, leisure and other facilities, including accompanied property viewings.
  • Information on expatriate communities and activities for the spouse (e.g. International Women’s Club, Expat Meetup Groups).
  • Introduction of education options and visit to schools arranged during the preview trip.
  • Provision of information about the health care system and (doctors, specialist and system of emergencies).
  • Information regarding practicalities of living in the new location – driving and transportation, general safety and security, costs of services and monthly contracts, immigration obligations and rules.
Relocation Services

Do you consider moving to Slovakia or Poland? Successful relocation starts with a Preview Trip.

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Home Search

For over 20 years we've been helping many expat families and individuals find new homes in Poland and Slovakia.
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Orientation and Settling-in

We help you to settle-in more quickly and efficiently so you can focus on what matters the most.
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Lease Assistance

Extensions, renegotiations, rental contract changes, and lease terminations.


School Search

We help you identify the right school or kindergarten whether it is local or international. We will help with the search as well as the school enrollment process.


Departure Disconnect

ProRelo makes sure that there are no open issues left behind before your departure.
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Bank Account Opening/Closure

We will assist with selecting the right bank, accompany you to open a bank account upon arrival, or assist you with closing a bank account when leaving the country.


Package Just for You

We are all different, and at different stages of our lives, we have different needs. We have the right combination of services just for you whether it is just a home search and bank account opening or full arrival support.


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