Family Things to Do in Poland: Explore the Best Kid-Friendly Activities

Date 25.09.2023
Agnieszka Zagroba
Guest Blog Explore the Best Family Things to Do in Poland

You’ve just relocated to Poland and wondering about the top things to do with your kids. Read on! Poland offers an array of family-friendly attractions that will keep your children entertained and make your time in Poland truly memorable. From the stunning Baltic coastline to the picturesque southern mountains, Poland has something for every family to enjoy.

Our friends from Kids in the City – a website in English dedicated to families living in Poland and traveling to Poland – put together some ideas for things to do with kids in Poland. With a wide range of family attractions, Poland is undoubtedly a great destination for kids.

1. Meet Fascinating Creatures

A visit to the zoo guarantees great fun for the whole family! Every large city in Poland has its own zoo. It is also worth including the zoo on your to-do list when you visit other cities in Poland, e.g. on a weekend trip. Zoos in Poland – as well as around the world – can be crowded on weekends, so it’s worth going there early in the morning to avoid the crowds. Bonus – you don’t have to speak a word of Polish to have fun!

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Family best things to do in Poland_Zoo

2. Things to Do in Poland For Little Scientists

If you are wondering what to do with your family on the weekend, the weather is not ideal and you are looking for indoor options – a science museum is your answer! Hands-on exhibits, experiments, interactive experiences – fun and learning for both adults and kids. Remember to reserve at least 3 hours, to have enough time to enjoy your visit to a science museum.

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3. Beaches – sand perfect for delicate little feet and sand castle building

While the Baltic Sea’s waters may be a bit chilly even in summer, the Polish Baltic coast is perfect for families seeking wide sandy beaches. The fine, delicate sand is ideal for children to play and build sandcastles.

Find out more about the Polish Baltic coast & and seaside resorts in Poland

Family best things to do in Poland_Baltic Sea

4. Castles - for little princesses and princes

Visiting castles is like diving into Polish history – returning to the past of kings, wars, alliances. They are the perfect background for photos and souvenirs from travels around Poland, but they can also be a living history lesson. Here fantasy novels get real, often taking us back to the Middle Ages. Sometimes they bring a thrill, sometimes they are romantic, sometimes they make you reflect, but for kids… it’s always great fun!

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Family best things to do in Poland_Nidzica Castle

5. Things to do in Poland For Nature Enthusiasts

National Parks

Out of 516 national parks in Europe, 23 national parks are located in Poland. National parks in Poland contain many of the most treasured landscapes, from the majestic mountain ranges to the beaches, ancient forests, and lush green valleys. If your family loves the outdoors and your kids fancy themselves as a bit of discoverers, here you will find out more about selected national parks in Poland worth visiting with children.

Family best things to do in Poland_Hiking


Mountains in Poland are, next to the Baltic Sea and lakes, one of the biggest attractions for tourists who value contact with nature. You can start your family hiking adventure in Poland from the highest mountains in Poland – the Tatra Mountains which are rich in trails suitable for families with children (including toddlers), seniors, and all those who love nature.

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Family best things to do in Poland_Pieniny


Poland is rich in lakes, most of which are located in the northern part of the country. This is a great idea for a family vacation or a weekend trip for those families who like sailing, swimming, fishing, kayaking, cycling, camping.

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Family best things to do in Poland_Lake land

If you are wondering where to start your adventure with lakes in Poland, we recommend starting with the area of the city of Olsztyn (it has 15 lakes within the city limits!).

Tips on visiting the city of Olsztyn

Family best things to do in Poland_Mazury

Next step – Masuria (Mazury in Polish), a region famous for its lakes, poetically called the Land of a Thousand Lakes (meanwhile, there are 2600 lakes!) and the Green Lungs of Poland (the cleanest region of the country).

Find out more about places to visit in the Masuria region of Poland

6. City Getaways in Poland

For families seeking a blend of learning and modern city comforts, Poland’s major cities are the perfect choice. Major cities in Poland are a great idea to spend a weekend with your family – a bit of sightseeing, history, architecture, a relaxing walk in the park, and attractions for children. A wide range of accommodations in various price ranges, and a multitude of restaurants not only serving traditional Polish cuisine but also vegetarian and various international cuisines. And a bonus for families – many restaurants in Poland have a kid’s menu and a children’s playing corner.

Consider starting your city exploration in:


The third largest city in Poland (after Warsaw and Kraków). Although the name of the city is difficult to pronounce for foreigners (‘vrotz-wav‘), Wrocław is a city open to tourists and offers many great attractions. From Gothic architecture to picturesque bridges, comforting gardens located in the heart of the city, the only oceanarium in the world dedicated to Africa’s water wildlife, and over 300 small bronze figures of… dwarfs scattered around the city.

Family best things to do in Poland_Wroclaw

Kraków (Cracow)

The former capital of Poland and the seat of Polish kings. On one hand, it’s small enough that you don’t feel overwhelmed here. On the other hand, it is so rich in history, culture, nature, and tourist attractions that you want to stay here longer or come back again!

Family best things to do in Poland_Kraków


Over 1000 years of tradition, one of the largest ports on the Baltic Sea, amber, architectural gems, beaches. A walk along cobblestone streets among colorful tenement houses. A visit to one of the many interesting modern museums. In summer, swimming and sunbathing on the Gdańsk beach, in winter, a walk along the sea.

Family best things to do in Poland_Gdańsk

So, whether your family’s passion lies in nature, history, or urban exploration, Poland offers a wide array of delightful adventures for everyone. Enjoy your time in this beautiful country with your children, creating cherished memories together!

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