Preview trip, also called a Look-See-Decide trip, allows individuals and families to decide whether the potential host country will be a good fit, prior to making the decision to accept an assignment in a foreign country.

The purpose of such a trip is to provide expatriates with a deeper awareness of daily life in the new location.

Look-See-Decide Tour

  • Introduction to the real estate market and residential areas in regard to schooling options, proximity to the office, medical, sport, leisure and other facilities, including accompanied property viewings
  • Information on expatriate communities and activities for the spouse (e.g. International women’s club, Expat Meetup Groups)
  • Introduction of education options and visit to schools arranged during the preview trip
  • Provision of information about the health care system and (doctors, specialist and system of emergencies)
  • Information regarding practicalities of living in the new location – driving and transportation, general safety and security, costs of services and monthly contracts, immigration obligations and rules

Successful relocation starts with a Preview Trip.

Considering moving to Slovakia or Poland?