The ProRelocation team is great at finding new homes and provides great orientation and settling in support after a home is found. We are the local experts on hand.

There are many things in the new location that you need to learn - at ProRelocation we have the information you need, can guide you in the right direction and arrange all that is necessary.

Orientation is a tailored service with focus on the following: 

  • orientation at to neighborhood and nearby shopping options (e.g. specific of shopping for groceries in the new country)
  • transportation, parking and driving rules (use of public transport, taxis etc.)
  • nearby shopping and leisure facilities (food and shopping delivery options)
  • medical services and what to do in emergencies (recommendations as to English speaking doctors)
  • safety and security information
  • Information on expatriate communities and activities 
  • Sport and leisure options and activities

Settling in often represents /but is not limited to to more technical issues: 

  • help with organizing contracts for internet, TV or satellite within the rented property
  • assistance with contract for utilities (water, gas, electricity)
  • babysitting and cleaning service recommendation and introduction
  • bank account opening (internet banking and debit/credit cards)

We help you to settle in more quickly and efficiently so you can focus on what matters the most - your family and your job.

 Looking for tailored settling in support?