Documents are essential part of the immigration process. ProRelocation can provide advice as well as assistance in obtaining documents in Poland and Slovakia and assist with their legalization at different authorities (Notary, Court, Ministries and Embassies of Foreign Countries).

Document Procurement

  • Sourcing of Vital Documents (Birth, Marriage and other official certificates)
  • Criminal Records Requests
  • Certificates of Education
  • Confirmation from authorities
  • Assistance with apostillation and superlegalization of documents

If you need original documentation from Slovakia or Poland, ProRelocation can be your single point of contact.


Apostille is a special standardized format stamp added to the original of your document or attached as an allonge. Apostillation process is organized in the country of issue of document for documents issued in Slovakia it must be Slovakia, for Polish documents it must be in Poland. Documents with apostille can be used in countries who signed Hague Convention (The Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents).

All types of document may require apostillation - Birth or Marriage Certificates, Diploma's,  Decision of authorities and notary documents.



Legalization is a process of higher verification of documentation. This process is required for certain countries (those that did not sign Hague Convention). Depending on the type of document and country of intended use special legalization process must follow.

Multiple authorities must often be visited to attach their legalization stamps to prove that the document is valid and then super legalization stamp from the Embassy of country of intended use must be also enclosed.  (For example if you wish to use Criminal Record record legalization would require stamps by the Ministry of Interior, then Ministry of Foreign Affairs and finally super legalization by the Embassy of country of intended use)