Top Family Things to Do in Wrocław: Kid-Friendly Adventures Await

Date 02.07.2024
Agnieszka Zagroba
Blog_Top Family Things to Do in Wrocław: Kid-Friendly Adventures Await
ProRelo Blog: Top Family Things to Do in Wrocław: Kid-Friendly Adventures Await

Are you considering a move to Wrocław or have you recently relocated? This vibrant Polish city is brimming with family-friendly activities and adventures that are sure to delight both young and old. From charming parks and interactive museums to gnome hunts and enchanting river cruises, Wrocław offers an abundance of fun-filled experiences that make settling into your new home an exciting journey. Join us as we explore the top family things to do in Wrocław, ensuring your transition is not only smooth but also packed with unforgettable memories.

1. Visit Wrocław Zoo and Africarium

When you visit Wrocław Zoo and Africarium, you’re stepping into a world of diverse animal life and unique ecosystems. The Wrocław Zoo is not only the largest zoo in Poland but also houses the only Africarium in the country, a modern oceanarium dedicated to African fauna and exotic animals. This facility is home to over 10,000 animals from 1,100 different species, offering an extensive glimpse into wildlife from around the globe. The Africarium is a standout attraction, allowing you to explore the underwater world of Africa’s major rivers and lakes. The Africarium includes an 18-meter-long acrylic glass tunnel, offering a unique perspective as you walk through the huge aquarium. This allows for close-up views of the aquatic life, making it a favorite spot for photography. The facility is designed to educate and fascinate, with various educational programs and kids attractions available for visitors of all ages.

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2. Hunt for Wrocław’s Dwarfs

Exploring Wrocław with your family offers a unique adventure: hunting for the city’s famous dwarfs. Wrocław is home to over 300 little dwarf statues, each uniquely engaging in various activities like recycling or selling newspapers. These dwarfs are not just decorations; they represent a playful and historic resistance movement. The dwarf phenomenon began in the 1980s as a form of peaceful protest against the communist regime by a group known as the Orange Alternative. They used the imagery of dwarfs in absurd scenarios to challenge and mock the oppressive authorities, making it difficult for police to maintain their seriousness when questioning about illegal dwarf gatherings. Today, the dwarfs have turned into a beloved part of Wrocław’s cultural landscape and are one of the top things to see in Wrocław. Children, in particular, find joy in spotting these dwarfs during a city tour. It transforms a simple walk through the city into an exciting treasure hunt, making it one of the best things to do with kids in Wrocław that combines fun with a unique cultural insight into Wrocław’s artistic and historical heritage. Whether you’re aiming to find all 300 or just stumble upon a few, each dwarf you discover will add a special memory to your Wrocław family day out.

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3. Explore the Miniature World of Kolejkowo

When you step into Kolejkowo, you are transported into a meticulously crafted miniature world that vividly represents the essence of Lower Silesia. Here, every detail is designed to mirror real-life scenarios, giving you a unique glimpse into the daily lives of its tiny inhabitant. Kolejkowo showcases a vast array of miniature scenes from Wrocław and the surrounding region. You can admire architectural replicas like the Swiebodzki Station, the colorful townhouses of Wrocław Market Hall, and even the Meteorological Observatory on Śnieżka Peak. As you navigate through this miniature universe, you’ll encounter scenes of rural life and mountain expeditions. There’s even a dynamic rescue operation in progress, where you can see miniature foresters, skiers, and construction workers all engaging in their respective activities. This immersive experience is enhanced by the presence of miniature trains, cars, and even a sailing ship, all moving within this bustling microcosm. Kolejkowo promises a memorable Wrocław family adventure that appeals to all ages.

4. Discover Hydropolis

Hydropolis is an interactive science center dedicated to water. It offers numerous hands-on Wrocław kids activities that allow children to explore and understand water in a fun and interactive way. The exhibition is divided into several themed sections, such as the Ocean of Life, Water and Us, and Water Engineering, each providing a unique perspective on the role of water in our world. The use of multimedia displays, including video presentations and interactive screens, makes the exhibits visually stimulating and easy for children to understand. Artistic installations and models, such as a replica of a deep-sea submersible, captivate children’s imaginations and provide a visually rich experience. What’s more the exhibition is fully translated into English, making it one of the top Wrocław family attractions.

5. Enjoy a Ride on the Polinka Cable Car

When you embark on a ride on the Polinka Cable Car, you are treated to a unique experience that connects the main campus of Wrocław University of Science and Technology with the Na Grobli campus. This efficient transit solution, launched on October 1, 2013, spans 380 meters across the Oder River, offering not just a quick commute but also a scenic view of the cityscape. The journey on the Polinka Cable Car lasts approximately 2 to 2.5 minutes, during which you can look down from about seven meters above the water. Each cable car can accommodate up to 15 people, making it a convenient option for Wrocław family outings. From your elevated vantage point, you can admire the Grunwaldzki Bridge, the house on the water, and the historic Ostrów Tumski in the background as part of your Wrocław family sightseeing.

6. Relax in Old Town Garden

When you visit Park Staromiejski, you’re embracing an opportunity for both relaxation and playful adventure in the heart of Wrocław’s Old Town. Here, your children can enjoy a variety of playgrounds tailored to different age groups, ensuring that every child finds something delightful to engage with. The playground near the Wrocław Puppet Theatre is particularly appealing for the youngest visitors, featuring a sandbox, slides, and climbing walls, all set on a soft surface ideal for safe play. One of the park’s unique attractions is the classic French carousel, operating in the spring-autumn period. This 19thcentury style carousel is not just a ride but a piece of art, adorned with hand-painted images of Wrocław landmarks and equipped with wooden horses and gondolas. For a cooling down during the warmer months, the fountain with dwarves located at the entrance of the park provides a refreshing spot with water jets. It’s one of the top Wrocław family-friendly spots to enjoy some family fun.

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7. Enjoy a Day Out in Park Szczytnicki

Park Szczytnicki in Wrocław is a popular destination known for its beauty and cultural attractions and it’s one of the best Wrocław family-friendly places too. Kids can explore the Visitor Centre next to the Centennial Hall, where they’ll find interactive exhibits and virtual reality tours that teach them about the hall’s history and architecture. Plus, they’ll love watching the multimedia fountain shows next to the hall, where water dances to music in a dazzling display of light shows and music performances. It’s a fun and educational experience that the whole family can enjoy together on a Wrocław family trip.

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8. Follow the Lamplighter

One of the charming Wrocław family experiences for kids is following the Lamplighter. Dressed in a black cloak and top hat, the Lamplighter strolls through Ostrow Tumski at sunset, lighting the historic gas street lamps. Children can catch a glimpse of him near the cathedral, the archbishop’s palace, and Tumski Bridge just before dusk or in the early morning when the lamps are extinguished. The lamplighter’s working hours vary with the seasons. The gas lamps on Ostrow Tumski are a unique feature in Poland, introduced to Wrocław in the mid-19th century as public lighting. The tradition of the lamplighter continues to this day, enchanting visitors with its historical charm on Wrocław family tours.

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Are you ready to start your journey?

Wrocław, with its rich blend of history, culture, and modern attractions, has emerged as an enchanting family-friendly destination for those seeking adventure and learning. For those captivated by what to do in Wrocław and considering making it their home, we are here to guide you through the process. Contact us to find out how our relocation and immigration consultants can serve you.


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