How to obtain a residence permit in Slovakia for EU and NON EU citizens

Date 13.12.2022
Katarzyna Udd
ProRelo Blog Post: How to obtain a residence permit in Slovakia
ProRelo Blog Post: How to obtain a residence permit in Slovakia. Drone view of Bratislava.

The residence application process in Slovakia for EU and NON EU citizens is different.

EU citizens who want to reside in Slovakia

EU citizens and their family members can reside in Slovak Republic without special permissions yet they still have certain reporting and registration obligations.

Report of their stay must be performed within 10 days of their arrival to Slovakia (if in hotel this obligation is fulfilled by the hotel).

Residency registration is required within 30 days following 3 months stay in the country. Registration performed is for the permanent residency for period of up to 5 years.

Personal presence for such registration is required and foreigner can (and it is recommended that he/she does) apply for residency card. In case residency card is requested bio-metric data are scanned and residency card is issued within 30 days (or 3 days for express fee).

Family members of EU citizens enjoy the same rights assuming they completed their registration obligations.

NON-EU citizens who want to reside in Slovakia

NON EU citizens can reside in the Slovak Republic assuming they obtained residency permit. Without valid residency permissions their stay in Slovakia (as well as other Schengen countries) should not exceed 90 days in 180 day period – even within this period visa may be required.

NON EU citizens also have reporting obligations – Report of stay must be performed within 3 days from arrival to Slovakia (if foreigner stays in the hotel this obligation is performed by the hotel).

When referring to residence permit of NON EU citizens in Slovakia we refer to Temporary Residence Permit. NON EU citizens can also receive Permanent Residence Permit or Long Term Residence Permit (yet these two permits have specific requirements and assume previous temporary residency permission in Slovakia or other EU countries).

Purpose of residency must be clearly stated and documented, for this purpose the residency permit will be issued ( ProRelo can assist with obtaining Temporary Residence Permit for Employment, Family Reunification, Business or Study Purposes). After residency is granted, residency card is issued to NON EU citizen – this not only is a proof of residency in Slovakia but also allows travel to other Schengen countries.

As of January 2014 changes in the Slovak legislation relating to work and stay of foreigners were introduced. NON EU citizens who will be on international assignment (and will not sign employment contract with Slovak company) still need to organize Work Permit (via Labour Office) and then apply for Residence Permit for Employment Purposes at the Foreign Police, such assignment cannot exceed period of 4 years. Those NON EU citizens who intend to sign Slovak employment contract must submit their complete application directly to the Foreign Police who will then reach out to Labour Office and review if employment of NON EU citizen in Slovakia is possible (this alternative also requires that Slovak company notifies Labour office on vacancy).

Changes in legislation will also affect prolongation of existing permits, those NON EU citizens who  previously organized Work Permit for local employment will need to apply for prolongations with all supporting documentation (repeatedly providing e.g. Diploma) at the Foreign Police.

Temporary Residence Permit in Slovakia for NON EU citizen

Can be obtained for period of 1-3 years and prolongations in the future are possible. Purpose of residency must be proven to authorities. Residency permit for work purpose can be issued for period of up to 2 years and is required for those NON EU citizens who intend to work in Slovakia (be employed or work on international assignment) , Residency Permit for Family Reunification and its validity is closely connected with validity of the principal applicant (applies to spouse, partner, children and in certain situation also to parents of principal applicants). Business Residence permit is usually granted  for 1-1,5 year and its prolongation depends on financial results of the business – business permits should be obtained by those NON EU citizens who expect to setup company in Slovakia or become trade license holders.

Foreign Police has up to 90 days to process the application for residence permit. In case application is submitted via the Slovak Embassy abroad additional time needs to be considered – the file will travel by diplomatic mail which can take 2-6 weeks (this time is not counted into processing time). Along with preparation of documentation the whole process of obtaining permission in Slovakia can stretch up to 5-6 months. Application for residence permit does not legalize stay in the country, only decision on residency does.

Permanent Residence Permit in Slovakia for NON EU citizens

After 5 years of continuous temporary residence permit application for permanent residence permit is possible. With permanent residency permission employment in Slovakia is possible without special work permits – yet notification obligations towards authorities remain.

Permanent residence permit can also be obtained for NON EU citizens – family member of the Slovak citizens.

Foreign Police has up to 90 days to decide on application for permanent residency.

Longterm Residence Permit in Slovakia for NON EU citizens

NON EU citizens with longterm residency in other EU countries can apply for longterm residency in the Slovak Republic. It is possible to have only one longterm residency in EU countries. Process of obtaining the longterm residence permit is very similar to obtaining temporary residency permit yet the validity of this permit will be longer.

Prolongation of Permit in Slovakia for NON EU citizens

Temporary Residency permits are granted for up to 1-3 years and although it is possible to apply for prolongation until the last day of valid residency  it is recommended to launch process earlier. Foreign Police is entitled to process application for prolongation for up to 90 day period and although during this time residency (as well as work) remains legal their residency card expires and travel may be difficult. ProRelocation recommends to launch prolongation process 4-5 months before expected expiration of permits


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